Photo Prayer Cards for Missionaries. Our staff with over 20 years experience in the prayer card industry, is dedicated to producing the finest quality prayer cards at the most affordable prices in the industry. Our printing staff has been in the professional photo processing business for over twenty years. We have produced millions of quality photo prayer cards over the years and have shipped them all over God’s world. We know the importance of getting quality prayer cards in a timely fashion. We can print your prayer cards from any size negative, any size photo up to 11x14, digital files, scans and from digital cameras. Our film recorders produce images at an amazing 8000 lines per inch on 6x7cm film. That is true professional quality! Each order of prayer cards is individually printed, not gang printed as four color process cards are and therefore the colors and densities can be adjusted for your photo, not an average of twenty different ones. Also this allows you to purchase smaller quantities of prayer cards, photo prayer cards, or missionary cards

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